De-Watering Equipment

De-watering is the process where accumulated water is physically removed from an excavation site or depression. This process is normally done by pumping. Strait Way has a variety of de-watering equipment available for rent. 

Pictured: A combination of 10"  aluminium Ringlock pipe and 8" Flat Lay Hose being used for de-watering.

Ringlock pipe is available in 30 ft sections with a total distance of 11800 ft available. We have three pipe trailers to facilitate transport of the pipe to you. In addition to the 30 ft pipe, we also have 22.5, 45, and 90 degree angle elbows and T's.


Rental rates for the ringlock pipe are $1.50/ft per week or $3.00/ft per month *For additional months call us and we will pro-rate the rental prices to suit your job.

We also carry flat lay discharge hose as well as flay lay suction hose. 


Three 100 ft rolls of discharge hose are available for rent. Rental rates are $75/day, $375/week, $1300/month. 


Six 10ft rolls of Suction hose are available for rent. Rental rates are $35/Day, $60/Week, $120 per month.



An 8" x 8" Gorman Rupp Pump is available for use with the ringlock pipe/flat lay hose.


Rental rates are $500/Day, $2000/Week, $4500/month. 

Pictured : 8" x 8" Gorman Rupp Pump.

Pictured: Flatlay hose & Ringlock Pipe on one of our three

pipe trailers.

Pictured: 22.5, 45, and 90 degree elbows and T's.

Open the PDF above for a  detailed spec sheet on Gorman Rupp pump

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